With the races not starting until 2pm this afternoon, we had this morning off to explore the streets of Macau. Mich and I decided to continue our quest for Portuguese tarts. Some good map skills, false starts down backstreets, and a bit of help from Google and we found the famous Cafe e Nata! We couldn’t believe it when we discovered it was closed on Wednesdays! Thwarted again, we continued into the main square for some more sight seeing…

Mich is an excellent guide and we sampled all the highlights of Macau – traditional furniture stores, historic archways, local food delights – beef jerky, almond biscuits and finally Portuguese tarts. The morning was over far too quickly and we soon found ourselves on what we thought was a bus heading to the hotel (but in fact was going in the opposite direction) followed by a slightly more urgent taxi ride back.

Before we knew it we were sitting on the start line in the 10s boat. 200m away we could see Anne and our starting crew. And then it was race time. Everyone was wired watching PD’s head straight towards us whilst there were only 12 in the boat, they paddled with at least another 12 as we mentally urged them down the course. In an instant the dragon’s head charged through the finish line and we were off! Surging down the race course, pulling ahead with each stroke. A solid boat length’s lead by the finish. Hooray! Our first race of the regatta, and it was awesome.

Our win qualified us for the semi, so we had plenty of time to relax and watch some races. However, none of us could help noticing the black storm clouds looming on the horizon, and by late afternoon we were treated to an impressive sound and light show, but not one organised by the casinos. Unfortunately, after an hour of torrential downpour and continued lightning, the rest of the afternoon’s races were cancelled, so we never made the semi. We were disappointed to miss a great opportunity to get on the podium, but know there are plenty of races to come.

Tomorrow’s races – 2,000m Mixed and 2,000m Men’s.