Congrats to the 36 PD dragon boaters and the many other PD outrigging friends that have been selected in the NSW Dragon Boat Team.

The team will compete at the upcoming National Championships for the right to represent Australia at the 2009 Prague World Championships

Congratulations also to PDs doing the hard yards to make it all happen on the coaching team:

  • Head Coach – Gavin Godfrey
  • Co-Junior Divisional Coach – Helen Hudson
  • Premier Division Coach – Chris McGowan
  • Assistant Coaches – Amanda Wyllie & Linda Ng

…and of course Darren Ma and Anne Weber as sweeps!

Masters & Grand Masters
Amanda Wyllie
Adam Cox
Charlotte Richards
Adam King
Christian Happich
Annett Happich
David Barber
Craig Stewart
Geoff Eldridge
Dianne Morgan
Graeme Bacon
Eugene Lee
Helen Hudson
Grant Billen
Jennifer Petterson
Julia Ryall
Joanne O’Brien
Linda Ng
Joanne Petterson
Lisa Green
Justin Spake
Mandy Shannon
Kaizer Austin
Mark Hall
Leesa Bennett
Melanie Bishop
Matthew Spies
Michelle Hone
Norman Joe
Michelle Ng
Paul Cheleski
Nicola Frowen
Rachel Mosen
Toby Wilson
Rebecca Bose
Todd Skeels