Congratulations to Matt Jack our new ACS Paddler of the Month!

Matt has excelled in his paddling this season, with selection into both the NSW but also the Australian Dragon Boat team, a PB on the erg and excellent results in his first season outrigging.  He also stepped up at CNY and Nationals to stroke the PD’s Mixed A crew.

But his greatest contribution to the Pacific Dragons has been off the water, in our quest for the Holy Grail of paddling success.  Matt was a key member of a legendary team who who conquered the previously unconquerable and lead the charge in the greatest victory of all time – The Boat Race of 2011.  Matt’s ability to skull a beer in 3 seconds has inspired an entire club on the road to glory.
He has righted previous wrongs, polished our tarnished boat racing reputation and finally the Pacific Dragons can hold their heads high at the after party as well as on the podium.

Jules & Gav