It’s been ten years since PDs won their first ever national title and what better way to celebrate than with a record medal haul from one of our most successful national championships ever!

From claiming the 1997 mixed title in Adelaide to the 6 gold, 2 silver and a bronze in 2007, it’s been 10 years of awesome paddling experiences, great friendships, and heaps of laughs all peppered with some amazing successes.

And the good news is that with the inspirational enthusiasm of the newer paddlers and the commitment of the older hands this fantastic ten-year momentum is showing no signs of slowing!
Adelaide 1997

Sydney 2007

Click here to check out some great pics from the weekend or take them all in with a slideshow… NSW Team, 1000m, 500m, 200m and After Party.
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It started with a strong showing of PDs in the NSW squad in the State v State comp on Thursday to determine which States have the right to field crews in the World Championships to be held in Sydney in Sept (Geoff E, Jenny, Jo P, Helen, Kaizer, Eugene, Annett, Mark T, Nicci, Sarah E, Susi, Mandy S, Jens, Todd, Anne – big apologies if I’ve missed naming anyone!). It was the biggest NSW squad fielded to date and with crews entered across all categories (junior, premier, master and grand master) our most successful in securing spots to represent Australia.

Three days of awesome club racing saw huge results from the PDs in the premier division. Well done to all paddlers new and old (hope to see you all continue to train and race throughout the next season), our coaches (Christian, Gav & Julia), sweeps (Anne, Todd & Gav), audio technical director (Geoff E) and all the people who helped organise the admin for our entries, party tickets, PD tent transport, ID tags and party attire etc.

Finally, a huge, HUGE, H.U.G.E. thank you to our small but extremely diligent group of volunteers who supported the event. Those I know of to name are:
Jo Timms – hanging off the start platform (with a special mention to Andrew for his urgent delivery of a "skim latte to go"!!!).
Helen and Kaizer – who wanted to make a full weekend of it and travelled in to Bank St yesterday to unloaded boats.
The Family Ward – Jenny worked all four days, Rob – who even responded to a 7:30am distress call to come in and be race director, and baby daughter Cassie who was last seen escorting the South Australian teams to marshalling…
And of course Mel – the driving force behind the whole thing.
(again – big apologies if I missed naming anyone)