Saturday 24 February 2018 was an action-packed day of the year for the Pacific Dragons! Virtually every competitive member of the club was involved with one of our paddling disciplines:

  • 52 paddlers competed in dragon boating
  • 12 paddlers competed in outrigger canoeing

It took a huge effort to organise both sets of paddlers – a big thank you to Craig and Caitlin for dragon boating, and Amanda for outrigger canoeing. And thank you to the outrigger canoe paddlers, who assisted with the on-day logistics. I’m sure the overseas clubs who borrowed our canoes are immensely grateful!

These competitions are also significant to us given the large number of new paddlers who joined the Pacific Dragons family over the past year. 12 DB paddlers competed at the Chinese New Year regatta as a Pacific Dragon for the first time, and 7 of our Sydney Harbour Challengers were first-timers. Congratulations!

Results-wise, the PDs recorded commendable results across all competitions:

Dragon boating:

  • Premier Mixed: 5th
  • Premier Women: 2nd
  • Premier Open: 5th

Outrigger canoeing:

Great work everyone, and we look forward to more racing!

To our visitors: if this sounds like something you’d like to do, contact us on and join us for a trial session!