Since our first report the PD Fast chicks have gone on to complete Part 2 & 3 of the program.

This program has seen 20+ PD chicks embark on a journey of strength over a period of 13 weeks. Of these approx 11 completed the program by doing two weights session per week AND regularly increasing the weight lifted. A further 8 almost got there but had their circumstances change so they could either not do all the sessions or keep increasing the weight lifted.

Did we get stronger?

Yes! This journey has resulted in the PD Fast chicks now able to lift greater than 93% of the weight they started with on the one arm DB rows. They also converted their lat pull-down strength towards the goal of un-assisted chins with an improvement of 26% over the last 7 week period. To top it off, 7 PD chicks achieved ‘chin-up girl’ status by the end of the program. Impressive!

Did we go faster?

Yes! Results indicate that the PD Fast Chicks program played a part in improving paddling performance over the season.

A comparison of the 2009 and 2010 Nationals 2min erg trial results was calculated for those PD Fast Chicks that did both trials. The calculation showed that their erg results improved by 4% on average for those completing the program. To put this gain in context, this means they are now 5 seconds or over a boat length faster over 500m!

Similarly, a comparison of the OC1 trial results from the first trial of the season (Nov-09) to the final one (Mar-10) showed those successfully completing the PD Fast Chicks program improved their OC1 trial time by 4% on average. That’s awesome!

By contrast those who were unable to complete the full program did not improve their erg result on average and achieved a 1% improvement in OC1 trial results. This emphasises the two key components of the program required to become faster on the water ie. regular gym sessions AND regularly increasing the weight lifted.

While we do not claim that the PD Fast Chicks program was the sole reason for performance improvements, there is definitely a strong correlation between Strong Chicks and Fast Chicks.

If you’re not convinced, check out what another paddling coach has to say on the topic of strength. See page 14 of the attached (“If you race, strength training is mandatory”)

What now?

Keep building strength! While the PD Fast Chicks program has officially finished everyone is encouraged to keep improving their strength by doing regular weekly weights training AND regularly increasing the weight lifted.

This is particularly so for those aiming to be the best paddler they can be for Macau, hit the single craft season running in Sep and/or take a giant leap forward in the next OC season!