(aka Nic, Aunty Nic, Frowen)
“And in the end, it’€™s not the years in your life that count, it’€™s the life in your years.”


Current Occupation:
Strategic Program Manager
Dream Job: Professional Holiday Taker
Passions: My family & friends, reading, chocolate, going to the movies and of course paddling!
Ambitions: Molokai (either OC1 or OC6) and Hong Kong 2012
Claim to Fame/Infamy:
Sitting next to Colonel Sanders (of KFC fame) at Honolulu Airport! Many random & strange things happen to me.

Favourite Stuff

Food: I am a self-confessed Chocoholic -€“ however I am fussy with what chocolate I eat.
Drinks: Beer, Red Wine, Bourbon
Movies/Books/Music: Movies -€“ Most genres, but I do love a good chick flick (I’€™ll cry at anything) and anything with Denzel Washington. Books – Biographies, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and any light fiction. Music – I’€™m a bit of a rock chick!
Super Hero or Villian: Wonder Woman

PDs Stuff

PD Member Since: September 2006
How I Got Into Paddling: Through Steve McCormack (Nugget)
Favourite PD Moment: the 500M Mixed Crew Final Macau WCCC 2010 -€“ and then realising we had actually won after such an awesome race
Three words to describe PDs: (A) crazy fun ride
How Other PDs Describe Nicola: Auntie Nic, Travel supremo, fondue specialist, Babysitter, Godmother, Energetic, Valuable Team Member, Is a strong and improving paddler, takes time for others, a great person to have around, gorgeous, great paddler, big hearted, determined fighter, bloody good organiser, Mrs Duracell, Super!!! (include all three bangs), a good friend, generous, organised, efficient, strong, beautiful inside & out, sweet & lovely, hard working, fun, loyal and dedicated, Always the first to offer her help if you need it, Cool, calm and collected, Team player, an absolute treasure, dynamic sports woman (and all round great chick)!!!
Favourite PD Photo Gallery Pic:

Other Stuff

Role Models, Heroes & Heroines: People who inspire and motivate me to be better than I think I can be.
When not paddling most likely to be found: at the movies, Centennial park reading a book on a nice day
Three people you’d like to invite to dinner:
Jamie Oliver, Richard Branson (can we have dinner at his Virgin Islands’ Island?) and Denzel Washington
Superstitions (Paddling or Otherwise): I don’€™t think I have any! But I do have plenty of weird quirks that seem to entertain many!