“To be the best, kill the rest”


Current Occupation:
Site Accountant/Oporto Manager
Dream Job: Don’t really have one, just need to find something that I enjoy.
Passions: Paddling, Baddy n indoor climbing.
Ambitions: Would be awesome to win something in HK.
Claim to Fame/Infamy:

Favourite Stuff

Food: Mums Cooking and can always eat an Oporto Burger.
Drinks: Bourbon (American Honey)/Gin
Movies/Books/Music: Love Movies, hate books, into most music after the 90s
Super Hero or Villian: Dark Knight (Bat Man)
Websites: Fiji Times and PDs

PDs Stuff

What month/year did you first join PDs: July 2009
How I Got Into Paddling: Paddled in High School
Favourite PD Moment: 2012 DB States Chicks Crew (Awesome)
Three words to describe PDs: Totally Freakin Awesome
How Other PDs Describe Laurette: Young awesome buggalugs, funny, smart and she has a unique way of bastardising the English language! Mature, tenacious, loyal, selfless, mighty and always ready to rock! A great paddler, an awesome friend, a totally cool chick.
Favourite PD Photo Gallery Pic:

Other Stuff

Role Models, Heroes & Heroines: My Dad, from where he came from to where he is now is where i want to be.
When not paddling most likely to be found: In the Airport most likely in Oportos
Three people you’d like to invite to dinner:
No one famous, just family I haven’t seen in a couple years.
Superstitions (Paddling or Otherwise): None.