“I feel sorry for people who do not drink. When they wake up in the morning that is as good as they are going to feel all day (Frank Sinatra)”


Current Occupation:
A checker of truths
Dream Job: Used to be a deckchair and red stripe tester on a beach in Jamaica or Maldives, but now would happily settle for anything that lets me paddle more and pays me a huge amount to afford to take people on paddling holidays.
Passions: Life, paddling, enjoying the company of good friends and making people smile along the way.
Ambitions: Paddling ambitions currently are to race in the Cook Islands and Molokai. Otherwise; to leave no stone unturned or opportunity wasted
Claim to Fame/Infamy:
None, but I am sure there is time to do both.

Favourite Stuff

Food: I like all food and trying new dishes
Drinks: Do like my beer in various forms, a good wine and port. Can also be partial to a drop of bourbon now and again.
Movies/Books/Music: I love Robert Rankin and Terry Pratchett, I like all different kinds of music, but rock is my favourite. I enjoy a good film and maybe some trashy ones as well.
Super Hero or Villian: Batman, who doesn’t like dressing up and he has so many cool toys to play with

PDs Stuff

PD Member Since: February 2011
How I Got Into Paddling: Did the Novice course and got hooked
Favourite PD Moment: So far doing my first 16km race and 42km changes race in Hamilton 2011, but I am sure there will many more to come.
Three words to describe PDs: Friendship, fun and inspiring
How Other PDs Describe Ian: Energetic, enthusiastic, outgoing, earnest, a red hot prospect, enthusiasm rarely seen at a club level, prepared to step up to any challenge, went from obscurity to a Hamo hero in the blink of an eye.
Favourite PD Photo Gallery Pic: http://www.flickr.com/photos/camocean/5462985132/in/set-72157625971531369

Other Stuff

Role Models, Heroes & Heroines: There are many people who carry out selfless acts of kindness that do not do it to get recognized and they inspire me to do likewise when I can.
When not paddling most likely to be found: Chilling out, camping, exploring the country by 4wd
Three people you’d like to invite to dinner:
Billy Connolly, Drew Barrymore and Michael Caine
Superstitions (Paddling or Otherwise): None