(aka Gavster, Gavmeister, Gavenhoffer, The Gavinator, Curator of the Gavatorium, Mayor of Gav-town, Captain of the SS Gadfly, Laverne)

“It is good to kill two birds with one stone, but it is far better to kill a whole flock of birds with a large boulder.”

Current Occupation:

Recruiter of Fine Engineers

Dream Job: Cult Leader or Nugget’s assistant cleaning windows at the Playboy mansion. (as long as we did not have to share a squeegee – eeew!)
Passions: Fashion and style…and talking crap with club members, new and old.
Ambitions: To feast at the smorgasbord of paddling all of my life. Just like legend Dave Salter (70 years old, dragon boater and kayaker for 55 years who still trains hard and races even harder – and loves it).
Claim to Fame/Infamy: I am the only PD in the history of the club to be called Gavin Godfrey

Favourite Stuff  
Food: Anything that can be sucked out of a camelback…and smorgasbords…and dark chocolate (some think it lacks the oral ecstasy of it’s milkier cousin, but I believe it is the only true chocolate form). I cannot eat anything born with scales or beasts that sleep with their stomachs facing the heavens.
Drinks: Sambuca (Aussie grape juice) and the first drink after a marathon.
Movies/Books/Music: Movies: Jerry Maguire, Any Given Sunday, Something About Mary
Books: Instruction books mostly, King James Version of the Karma Sutra
Music: George Michael (seriously), Metallica, anything inspirational.
Super Hero or Villian: Captain America

www.theonion.com and www.kontraband.com

PDs Stuff

PD Member Since: January 94
How I Got Into Paddling: Joined Mavericks DB Club via a friend then moved across to the PDs that season.
Favourite PD Moment: Bronze medal at the dragon boat worlds in Shanghai (PD moment cause I shared it with many PDs who had been trying for 5 years to achieve that goal).
Three words to describe PDs: family, bossom, womb
How Other PDs Describe Gav: has the most amazing memory, cracks me up, awesome awesome paddler, an orangutan dressed as a human (hairy & strong), footbinding activist, individual, wacky, woop woop woop, circus clown, simian, bordering on a brain explosion, quirky, voluptuous, inspiring, sharp as a tack, always full of encouragement, role model of a person and sportsman, friggin god dam weirdo, dedicated, approachable, man of random noises and TV theme songs, Auzzie Geeza, a great coach, advisor and support in my first year of paddling, the monkey, awesome coach, deep thinker, stand up comedienne, great and loyal friend, inspiring legend, bonkers, gas, guru
Favourite PD Photo Gallery Pic:

Other Stuff

Role Models, Heroes & Heroines: Akos Verekei (Hungarian Kayaker), Doug McGinty and Chantal Meek (Aussie Olympic K4 paddler). Actually, I gain more real inspiration from the people around me who show amazing courage and commitment eg. Steve Dawes, Jules, Dave Hammond, Michelle Ng, Claire Hosegood, Linda, Billy, and new paddlers taking on challenges for the first time eg. doing OC1 trials, trying out for the state team etc.
When not paddling most likely to be found: Warming up and cooling down

Three people you’d like to invite to dinner:

Merrick, Rosso and Anthony Robbins
Superstitions (Paddling or Otherwise): I have found it to be particularly bad luck to play with myself at the start line.