1. Ask Coaches for Regatta pack if not received (Min. 2 weeks before event)
  2. Send nomination forms to host club and AOCRA (ask coaches for estimated guess of teams for entry) NB: Deadlines are min. of 10 days before the event. Check the regatta pack for exact dates.
  3. Send email to PDOC asking for paddler interest to attend (min 2 weeks prior to event)
  4. Confirm attendance list with coaches 10 days prior to the event
  5. Send event details to club the week before the event so paddlers know where to go, format of day, parking, food availability etc etc (any earlier, and they forget)
  6. Let them know entry fees are $15.00 per person (OC6 race) and $5.50 per person for OC1 relay.
  7. The coaches will advise rigging/de-rigging duties and times.
  8. Organise a person to tow the trailer (eg. Kim Mc). Confirm with them it is their responsibility to ensure they have keys for both Glebe High School and Waterways.
  9. Delegate someone to be responsible for bringing the club uniforms and tents from the shed, and collecting them at the end of the day.
  10. Liaise with coaches for final team lists (Wednesday prior to event)
  11. Complete Team Entry forms (with AOCRA numbers from the contact list – suggest you complete before race day)
  12. Check there will be two signatories available with the club chequebook to pay the fees at the end of the dayOn Race Day
  13. Ensure all paddlers sign the team entry forms (this can be delegated to a team member for each team, then passed back to you) NB: If the regatta has an OC1 relay, it is imperative the forms get completed when rigging the boats. Ensure individual boat numbers are given to you from team members also. These forms are required to be submitted prior to the start of the race.
  14. Submit registration forms as and when required by event hosts. This is normally done prior to the race in question. They will normally not accept registration for all events in the morning. You can register Womens LC only after the start of SC. You can register Mens LC, only after the start of Womens LC (dependant on race format of course).
  15. Don’t forget to collect the numbers for the front of the boat at registration. Ensure these are handed to the steerer of each crew.
  16. Collect entry fee $ from paddlers (recommend you delegate to each steerer to collect all the money for their team and hand it to you)
  17. Ensure full payment for all entries and crews has been made to AOCRA.