Keep an eye on the training session list on the web to check you will have sufficient steerers to take out a session. Liaise with the coach to give them updates on the attendance for the session and/or any particular training plan requirements (eg. if you don’t have enough steerers you might ask them to help you find some). Please note you DO NOT need to send a weekly email reminder about who is attending the session. Coaches and paddlers can easily check the signup list on the net. The only time you should need to send an email is if:

  • the session is postponed or cancelled due to weather, boat availability, etc;
  • the session is just short of minimum numbers and you need to find additional people to attend; or
  • you need to find additional steerers (only to

For OC6 Sessions:

  • Keep an eye on the website sign up to ensure there are minimum numbers signed up (min 10) and sufficient steerers (1 per boat). If you need to find additional steerers, please send an email to the group: rather than pdoc.
  • Also check if the session is oversubscribed. There has been a slight change to how we deal with oversubscribed sessions. If you are co-ordinating an evening session, at 4pm on the day of the session you need to check the list and SMS anyone who is a reserve. Similarly, for morning sessions, you need to check the list and contact (SMS) reserves at 7pm the night before the session. For Glebe sessions the maximum number is currently 30 (5 boats). For Balmoral sessions the maximum number is 18 (3 boats).
  • Ensure that all the safety equipment is prepared for the canoes at the session. There is a list of safety equipment needed in each boat on the whiteboard in the shed, basically you need for each boat:
    • 2 x bailers
    • 2 x dolphin torch (dawn & dusk sessions)
    • 2 x packets of lifejackets (6 jackets in total)
    • 1 x banana floatation
    • 1 x safety kit (red dry bag)
    • 2 x pole lights (dawn & dusk sessions)
    • 1 x spare paddle
    • 1 x tow rope
  • Lock up the shed before you head out for the session
  • At the end of the session, check that the boats are locked up and there is no equipment left lying around. Let the Equipment Coordinator know if any equipment was damaged or needs replacing (e.g. batteries for lights)
  • If you are coordinating a Balmoral session ensure that 2 sets of safety equipment are taken at the end of the night (including skirts for the Saturday session).

If guest paddlers (ie paddlers from interstate or overseas clubs, or beginners) who are interested in joining a session have emailed you, get their contact details and pass them onto the OC coach for your session. If you can’t make a particular session, find someone to help you do your tasks for that week Please be aware that as an OC6 coordinator you are responsible for all equipment including the keys, so please don’t hesitate to ask if you need help

Remember you are only responsible for ensuring all these tasks get done so seek the assistance of other paddlers as much as possible.

For DB sessions:
  • Wednesday 6.45pm (on the water at 7pm)
  • Saturday 8.15am (on the water at 8.30am)
  • Monday (in summer) 6.45pm (on the water at 7pm)
Prior To Session

An email will be sent to you as coordinator with instructions on how to use the website to track the session list. Check the session timetable on the website at the beginning of the month to ensure your name and details are correct.Sessions are only available to sign up to two weeks in advance, so you may need to send out a reminder email to to remind people to sign up to sessions if a session does not have many paddlers signed up. A couple of days before the session, you will need to regularly check the session as you may find that the main changes will happen during this time – names changing on the list for cancellations within a couple of days of a session or late bookings of people added to a session. Ensure that enough paddlers are on the list to run a session (minimum 9-10) and a steerer is organised. Confirm numbers to coaches prior to the session (i.e. by email or phone) or bring a list of paddlers (or final numbers) to the session.

Contact one of the coaches (i.e. Julia or Christian) before cancelling a session, or if numbers are low or steerers are needed.

If a session has to be cancelled (due to numbers, other activities or weather) please check with one of the coaches first and then send an email out. It might be necessary to call or text people who are on the list or ask them to confirm they have received the cancellation email. Ensure you have a copy of the PD Members list, which lists people’s email addresses and contact numbers.

Beginning of session
  • Look out for new paddlers who have signed up and assist to introduce them to coaches & help them get started with a paddle etc.
  • Each new paddler needs to sign the DBNSW indemnity form before getting in the boat. There should be copies in the silver lock box or you can print a copy from the DBNSW website.
  • If there are no forms left please arrange for some copies to be left in the silver lock box.

To help the coaches, ensure that you or another paddler does the following:

Paddles – get these out of the silver lock box (which should NOT be locked) Collect Equipment Needed For Each Boat & ensure equipment is in each boat before leaving the ramp

  • 1 x light (if evening session)
  • 1 x spare paddle
  • 1 x bailer
  • 1 x safety watertight bag which contains: tow rope, flare and/or mobile phone
  • 1 x anchor (optional)

>Lock gate – Before getting on the water, unless another club will do so. On the water – help coaches and steerers to ensure during training that the boat is within 200m of the nearest shore

After session

Check no equipment has been left in boats or surrounding area, return to original location and lock. Liaise with the coaches to ensure that the gate is locked when the last person leaves – other clubs may still be on the site, so may lock the gate instead.